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Breaking WoW Hotfixes

The latest patch of WoW was recently hit with a number of hotfixes for the game. Check out all the changes here!

Below are the official hotfix patch notes from the official site:


  • Heroic Leap, Grappling Hook, Infernal Strike, and Metamorphosis will now work more consistently, especially going up hills.
  • Fixed a bug that caused movements such as Roll or Fel Rush to sometimes stop before reaching their intended distance.

Demon Hunter

  • Darkness is now only available to Havoc Demon Hunters.
  • Demon Hunters are now able to gain reputation with Netherwing, The Tillers, Order of the Cloud Serpent, Shado-Pan Assault, and Emperor Shaohao.
  • Demon Hunters can now see and purchase PvP mounts from vendors and can get mount drops in Pandaria.
  • The Ashran Portal in Stormwind and Orgimmar will now allow Demon Hunters to go directly to Stormshield or Warspear, regardless of whether or not they have completed the Tanaan Jungle intro quests.


  • Dire Beast is a bit less noisy.


  • Paladins can now use Divine Steed while carrying a flag in battlegrounds.
  • [Retribution] Shield of Vengeance is no longer on the global cooldown.
  • [Retribution] Hand of Hindrance’s mana cost is reduced to 13% of base mana (was 27%).
  • [Retribution] Fist of Justice now reduces the cooldown of Hammer of Justice by 8 seconds when Word of Glory is cast.


  • Shadowstrike range has been reduced to 15 yards (was 25 yards).

Dungeons and Raids

  • Players are no longer immediately instance locked when logging into an instance. A warning prompt now occurs when logging back in, offering the option of saving to or leaving the instance.


  • Invasions should now provide XP on stage completion to characters under max level.
  • While an invasion zone is active, the Spirit Healers near major towns will offer resurrections at timed intervals.
  • Restoration Druids, Balance Druids, and Mistweaver Monks should now be able to receive the Felshroud Vest from Legion Invasion Crates.
  • Barracks leaders and their command crystals should now also drop Nethershards.


  • When set to assist, players’ pets will now attack all targets that have been damaged by the player, rather than only the player’s current target.
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