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Patch 7.1.5: All Legendary Item Changes

Started by Stan, Tuesday at 12:25 AM


We've had several builds of Patch 7.1.5 on PTR. As we near release, it has become somewhat hard to keep track of which Legendary items have changed throughout testing, which is why we came up with a summary of all changes to Legendary items implemented up to the latest build and compared it to Patch 7.1.0.

Blizzard's goal in Patch 7.1.5 is to eliminate BiS Legendary Items and focus more on utility. This was done by nerfing Legendaries that were too good and buffing some underperforming.

Also note that due to the secondary stat tweaks that will go live with 7.1.5 all items have had their stats adjusted, be it Legendaries or Nighthold loot. Most of the changes are tied to nerfing secondary stats as the amount of rating needed for 1% of secondary stat has been increased. These changes are not visible in tooltips.


Distilled Titan Essence - this item will be used to upgrade our Legendaries from item level 910 to 940.

Shared Legendary Items

Shared between more than one class.

Aggramar's Stride

Cinidaria, the Symbiote

Norgannon's Foresight

Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus

Roots of Shaladrassil

Sephuz's Secret

Death Knight

Perseverance of the Ebon Martyr

Seal of Necrofantasia

The Instructor's Fourth Lesson

Demon Hunter

Anger of the Half-Giants

Loramus Thalipedes' Sacrifice

Runemaster's Pauldrons


Ekowraith, Creator of Worlds

Impeccable Fel Essence

The Emerald Dreamcatcher


Call of the Wild

Nesingwary's Trapping Treads

The Apex Predator's Claw

The Shadow Hunter's Voodoo Mask

Ullr's Feather Snowshoes


Marquee Bindings of the Sun King

Mystic Kilt of the Rune Master

Koralon's Burning Touch

Rhonin's Assaulting Armwraps


Cenedril, Reflector of Hatred

Ei'thas, Lunar Glides of Eramas

Firestone Walkers

Fundamental Observation

Hidden Master's Forbidden Touch


Chain of Thrayn

Justice Gaze

Liadrin's Fury Unleashed

Uther's Guard

Whisper of the Nathrezim


Phyrix's Embrace

The Twins' Painful Touch


Greenskin's Waterlogged Wristcuffs

Insignia of Ravenholdt

Shadow Satyr's Walk

Shivarran Symmetry


Eye of the Twisting Nether

Focuser of Jonat, the Elder

Spiritual Journey

The Deceiver's Blood Pact


Alythess's Pyrogenics

Feretory of Souls

Hood of Eternal Disdain

Magistrike Restraints

Sacrolash's Dark Strike

Sin'dorei Spite


Archavon's Heavy Hand

Ayala's Stone Heart

Proc change Ayala's Stone Heart. Up from 3 procs per minute to 1.8. The tooltip doesn't display the Legendary proc, but it wasn't removed. It's just an error.

Ceann-Ar Charger

Destiny Driver

Kakushan's Stormscale Gauntlets

Kazzalax, Fujieda's Fury

New Legendary Items

In addition to changes to existing items, several new pieces have been added in Patch 7.1.5.

Shared Legendary Items

Archimonde's Hatred Reborn

Kil'jaeden's Burning Wish

Velen's Future Sight

Death Knight

Consort's Cold Core

Death March

Skullflower's Haemostasis

Demon Hunter

Delusions of Grandeur

Spirit of the Darkness Flame


Fiery Red Maimers

Lady and the Child

Oakheart's Puny Quods

The Wildshaper's Clutch

X'oni's Caress


Butcher's Bone Apron

MKII Gyroscopic Stabilizer

The Mantle of Command


Gravity Spiral

Ice Time

Pyrotex Ignition Cloth


Anvil-Hardened Wristwraps

Shelter of Rin

The Emperor's Capacitor


Ashes to Dust

Maraad's Dying Breath

Saruan's Resolve


Kam Xi'raff

Rammal's Ulterior Motive

Zek's Exterminatus


Mantle of the Master Assassin


Uncertain Reminder


Lessons of Space-Time

Reap and Sow

Wakener's Loyalty


Timeless Stratagem


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